Twitter is a one of the best free social networking website that enables to its users to send and read messages as tweet. Tweets are text-based posts displayed on the author’s profile page and deliver to the followers. Twitter allows senders to restrict the delivery of the message. Business can engage customers for products and service – promotion, deal, services, review, networking with followers and follower’s friends.

Businesses can enjoy several benefits of the Twitter page :-

Twitter and Mobile: –

More and more people are searching products and services on the mobile than computer. Twitter is very easy to use on mobile. It allows 140 character message to tweet. So business could have strong presence on mobile search by having Twitter business account.

Run Special deal and promotions:-

Special deal, events and promotions can bring more business. Build local connections using Twitter and offer specials occasionally. Customer will buy the product or service.

For example local sports gear business is offering specials during the week end morning hours such as �Come by before 1 p.m. to save 50% on snow board rent�.

Drive traffic to web site, blog, Facebook :-

Business can use Twitter to drive to the web site, blog, Facebook. Post a helpful link of web site article, discount offer, on Twitter and drive Twitter traffic to the web site. Helpful links, news always attract users to visit the web site. When user visits the web site business get� a chance to introduce, and sell the product.

Real time�conversation:-

Twitter allows real time conversation to users for the products and services. Marketing team can monitor the tweets about subjects related to the products and service and suggest solution to the customers on Twitter. After selling the product to the customers, business can monitor the tweet about it’s products and services to measure the customer satisfaction. During real time conversation on Twitter, business get a chance to see if there is room for an improvement for the product or service.

Identify issues early stage:-

On Twitter business can monitor product issues such as late delivery, damage, miss communication and act immediately to address the customer concern and resolve it immediately.

Break communication barriers using Twitter :-

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If marketing team is getting hard time to make business connections using calls, email, then it is worth trying tweet or direct message. People return tweets.

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Build brand around the globe:-

Using Twitter business can build brand around the globe. To speak about the product around the world could take several months, and money while on Twitter it is easy to reach the people around the world to speak about the product.

New business contacts:-

Twitter allows to find new business contacts, using Twitter advance search and Twellow. Use Twellow to reach out more customers increase business.

Enhance customer relationship:-

Follow customers on Twitter address their concern, reward their loyality for using products, and enhance relationship by givin#mce_temp_url#g more deals to the customers.

Visibility on search engine:-

Twitter helps to boost search engine visibility. In the past search engine brought the data from website, but to-day search engine bring up data from Linkedin, Facebook, Blog and Twitter.


When customers or someone post nice tweet about your business, save these tweets in favorite. Direct people or future customers to Twitter and they will come to know about the product or service opinion, and they could become customer.

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