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It's all about the social marketing. Now days businesses have to tune with social media to market products and services. Google+ is Google's Social Network. Using Google+ page, business can increase product and service visibility, and connect business with the customers and friends of customers, those could be the potential customers. Google+ page has 400 million users. Google+ page is free for business. Business can create brand visibility to the millions of Google user using Google+ page.

Runbizz can help to create professional Google+ page and update the status with the quality content link related to the business, create business circle for different region, which attract more customers and drive traffic to the web site, and increase brand visibility.

Google+ Profile: - Business can open Google+ account and create the profile. Google+ profile allow to add tag line (business short description), introduction about the business, profile picture, which increase search visibility. Google+ profile also allow to add related link, here business can website link, Facebook fan page link, Twitter link, Blog link, YouTube channel link etc. There are couples of options available for privacy setting. Privacy setting allows making data public and private. Profile displays the members of circles. Visit the Google+ profile for IcanXplore created by RunBizz.

Google+ sharing: - Google+ sharing is the news feed. Like Facebook business can post link for quality content and Blog's article link. These articles and quality content attract customers. Using these links and and status update, business can drive customers to the web site. Google+ sharing option is beyond the Facebook's update status, as Google+ sharing option allows sharing contents to specific public OR circle (group of customer in specific region), friends.

Google+ Circle: - Google+ Circle is the powerful option of the Google. Business can make customer circle for different region and keep the track of conversation. Use drag and drop to add customers to the circle. Google+ allows creating as many circles you want, but it does make sense to keep the no. of circles in a logical grouping. So Google+ Circle is beyond the Facebook friend, and Twitter followers. Google+ Circle allow more control over the data shared with the different groups.

Google+ Hangout :- Google+ Hangout is the killing features, which allows to reach out with the people around the world using the video chat. Using Google+ Hangout person can talk any where in the world up to 10 people at a time. During the chat, YouTube video is visible to all. One click on the web can start Google+ Hangout video chat. Google+ Hangout is easy with high quality video. Google+ Hangout on Air allow live stream so the business can make bigger conversation. Google+ Hangout on air instantly save content to the , YouTube channel. Use Google+ Hangout and go face to face with the customers around the world.

Social currency:- Content on the Google+ page is social currency. Google+ Ripple's data visualization shows who is sharing and re-sharing the Google+ post. Here the business can identify who influence the business. Using Google+ Ripple's business can identify what content is compelling to the audience. By having this information business can focus on the content which can drive more customers for the product and service.

Local visibility: - Google+ page allow to post relevant link to the business, big photos (bigger than thumbnail), and videos. Business can share it on the Google+ page. Business relevant posts, photos and videos increase the local search visibility on Google. So business could be found in local search easily when customer is searching for the product and services.

Google+ with Google Analytics :- Google Analytics can generate report, which depicts how Google+ influences conversation funnel, impact of personalized recommendation on site, visitors coming from the social network to see the website, AddWords Annotation Reports .

Search on Google+ :- Google+ page search helps customers as well as business. Search key word, name can helps to understand how people are searching using Google+ page about the business product and service. Business can offer reward such as rebate coupon to superfans, and resolve any customer issue if there is any. Google+ also increases the website page rank.

Check out the Google+ Page designed and maintained by Runbizz.



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