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Facebook is for business if the business exploits the Facebook application features. There are more than 500,000 Facebook applications in the Facebook environment. Daily the no. of Facebook application growing, and some of them are used by the businesses. Business can developed its own application for better customer engagement. Business can enjoy several benefits if they have Facebook application.

Brand Awareness:-

Facebook has 700+ million users around the globe, so the business can reach the mass population. Business can target various age, and demographics using Facebook application to create brand awareness for the products and services.

Customer Engagement:-

Facebook application is useful to promote business, announcement of the new product, share latest news, invite Facebook users to participate in the contest, create an event to launch the product, promotion or discount of the product. All these features can help the business in a long run.

More traffic to the Website:-

Facebook application can attract users, when there is an application about the their interest, products and services. Business can drive user from the Facebook application to the business website for more information and final sale of the product or service. So Facebook application helps to drive users to the web site, which generate more traffic for the website and boost organic search on the search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Reputation:- Facebook application increase business reputation. If the business has Facebook application then customers have different feeling for the business. Customers get attracted with the business and enjoy shopping the products and services from the business in Facebook environment.

Generate Leads:- Facebook is beyond the customer engagement. Facebook application helps business to generate more leads. Business can focus on specific market to reach customers. Facebook provides several tools for the marketing. Business can use it them to analyze the market and customers approach towards the products and services.

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